Electric Mini Cooper

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Don’t know much about it yet.

But it uses lithium ion batteries. The top speed is about 95 mph.
And you can drive 125 Miles on a charge.

That sounds great for city driving.
But there is a catch. This is pretty much a test run of only 500 cars. Available only in California, New York and New Jersey.

Last time I checked, Mini dealers were still charging thousands over MSRP to get a regular Cooper.
So imagine the mark up on this one…

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  1. Minis aren’t worth MSRP, much less thousands over. Must be a lot of people with major inferiority complexe out there hoping that being ripped off will address their image deficit.

  2. Same goes with the smart. speculators are charging thousands over msrp because of the 1.5 year waiting list. what a hype!

    toyota better brings the iq over here quick!

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