Ford getting rid of Mazda???

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Ford is now actually considering selling its share of Mazda.
Another weird news.
US car makers need so much cash to just survive right now, it’s amazing. And sad at the same time.

Ford owns a bit over 33% of Mazda, which could be worth around $ 1.3 Billion. That seems like a lot. But I hear GM looses that much in less than 2 months!

What is next, Volvo?
And what does that mean for future products? Like the new Mazda3 based on the next Focus platform. Etc…

The automotive world might look really different in a couple of years….

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  1. This seems like a very strange move on Ford’s part, considering so many of their future global products (for Ford and Volvo) are being developed with Mazda. Ford does seem to have a tendency to sell things when they’re doing well.. and Mazda is definitely on a roll.

  2. Why in the hell would Ford go and sell one of their most profitable investments.
    If the do sell their share in Mazda they well and truly need their head read.

  3. This is very strange. I would dump volvo before mazda. mazda make cars and engine people want and need right now. Volvo makes overpriced low MPG vehicles that are on their way out. Who runs these companies anyways?

  4. Could this be because Ford may not Mazda anymore since Ford may bring the Euro Fords stateside? Are they getting rid of future redundancy to cut costs?

  5. I agree, toyota should snap up mazda as toyota and the japanese companies are the only ones who seem to know what they are doing and are profitable.

  6. Yeah I agree with the comments above. Lets see They sell Hertz a profit machine, Then they sell Aston Martin which always made them money. Then they dump a ton of money into Jaguar, then sell it to TATA Motors, and guess what Jaguar then had its first substantial marketshare growth in years. Now rumors of Mazda and Volvo getting sold, who going to design their platforms or is everything going to be now based on the Crown Vic (Panther) platform from now on?

  7. OK here is what i heard , ford is gonna sell 20% of there shares and mazda wants to buy that 20 and ford said there gonna keep 13% of mazda, so really no harm done it its agreements with each other ! sooo everyone calm down now ! lol

  8. I think Ford has developed all makes they acquired very well. All of them. Unfortunately, most didn’t make money for them. But Mazda did. And I’m really afraid what could happen to Ford, if they sell Mazda and Volvo…There is not much left then…We have a Ford Streetka and a Mazda 6 Sport and both are fabulous cars and it would be too sad, if these makes won’t survive…though I’m sure Mazda will survive. However, I’m not so sure about Ford anymore…

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