Ford’s new SmartGauge

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This super cool new instrument panel will be what you get when you order the Hybrid version of the 2010 Fusion or Milan.
I was looking for more than the instrument panle. But the video is filmed and edited in such way that you never see the redesigned interior or rear of the car.
We do see the door panel and it does look the same as the current model.

Looks like they are doing something to really make these new Hybrids attractive and different.

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  1. yes. it is great and all but if i were ford, i would concentrate on the quality, reliability and fit-finish of the product before working on this cool display. i can imagine the dash computer crashed and you get a blank screen doing 60 mph down the road.

    leave this to toyota and honda please.

  2. I am happy to see some interesting innovation going on at Ford. The real problem with Ford is that the basic quality of their cars is just not up to snuff. In the last several years I have owned 1 Ford, 1 Honda, and 1 Toyota. Nothing at all has ever gone wrong with the Honda or Toyota (both American made). The for has had a LONG list of small problems/repairs. Little things like the remote trunk switch breaking, or the reverse light switch breaking, or instrument lights burning out. My Toyota is 6 years older than the Ford, and had had exactly zero problems. I would NEVER buy another car from an American company. Period.

  3. I think it looks good. Well, entertaining at least. And to the first snarky post… Ford’s quality is comparable to just about anyone today.

  4. Wow this guy loves the word beautiful… not exactly what I would call the screen. It’s kind of lame looking compared to the Hondas and I would bet that it will not last the life of the car…

  5. It looks great. Innovating and entertaining indeed. Just one question though…….How many leaves show up on the display when you hit or run over something because you were paying more attention to the leaves on the display than what’s ahead on the road.

  6. I agree, Ford’s quality is among the best but you wouldn’t know it by looking at their sales. It’s too bad they are grouped with Chrysler and GM as they do have superior products in North American. I can only hope the buying public finally realizes this and looks to Ford instead of the other two.

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