Geely Panda

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A Chinese car that tries to look like a Panda.

Funny and weird. Without that front end, it just looks like a copy of many small European models put together…

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  1. I remember the first production pictures of this car – and compared to these, the Panda looks like a real car now. The interiour tries to be unique, but fails, same goes for the exterior, which is just wrong. Compared to the other Geelys around, this is a huge step up.

  2. It is a blatent copy of a Toyota Aygo with a different front end.
    It must be great to be a chinese car maker who doesnt have to spend millions/billions on designing a car when they can just grab a design from car makers who do for basically nothing.

  3. My first thought was: “That doesn’t look like a Panda” What’s funny is that I was thinking of the Fiat Panda and not the animal.

  4. It’s banned from being sold in Europe since both it’s name and a lot of its looks are rip-offs of the “Fiat Panda”

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