Guess what Vince has been driving today…

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  1. AN ALTIMA HYBRID!!!! DUH! You can tell by the halo gauges and how theres a batterie meter thingy and not the rpm dial

  2. why buy a nissam altima hybrid when a civic gets the same mileage on a regular gas engine?!? it’s not uncommon for the civic folks (non-si engine) to get 35-40mpg! this hybrid thing is nice, but come on.. if honda can do it without a hybrid, then it’s time for the engineers at other automakers to either step up or find another job!

  3. The problem with this car is that you can only buy it in a few states:-(. That sucks.

    Alternative it the Camry Hybrid I guess…

  4. Have you ever climbed into the back seat of an Altima? Quite a different experience than a Civic.

  5. Why not compare the Accord to the Altima? Comparing the Civic, which is in a smaller size class, really doesn’t make any sense.

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