Lamborghini Estoque Concept

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This looks great.
No idea how much it will be when it reaches production. It will probably go against the Benleys and 4 door Aston Martin etc…
But it won’t make you look like a geezer driving an expensive 4 door sedan, that’s for sure…

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  1. Hmm… the front like the previous gen Camaro and the rear like a Dodge Challenger?

    Weird for Lamborghini…Maybe flattering for US car design.

  2. This is about as attractive as the X1 below it! Shame on Lamborghni too! Actually, it looks like a reventon sedan project gone wrong.

  3. Wow, I didn’t see this coming. Maybe I should have? When SUV/CUV/etc. have been done to death, there’s nothing left to do but the conventional 4 door sedan! Lambo has yet the have an SUV though….hopefully they never will.

  4. Lambo used to have an SUV back when they were selling the Countach, the LM002, I think it was called. Similar to a Hummer.

  5. I rather like this. The underlying shape is very elegant, with enough interesting detailing to avoid blandness.

    The C-pillar and haunches are a bit reminiscent of the latest Camaro, to my eyes. But I don’t see much resemblance to the Charger concept.

    I hope they build it.

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