Lexus IS 250 Convertible Video

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Short but sweet.

And, for once, the music actually adds to it….

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  1. Unimpressive. There are at least a half dozen other hardtop convertibles available, many have been around for years. All of which are better looking. Toyota really cheaped-out with the roll bar hoops. The competitors all have pop-up safety bars which is more sophisticated and creates a much nicer visual line. It’s hard to make an unattractive convertible. But Toyota has managed to do it.

  2. The real test of a hardtop convertible is how it looks with the top up.. and on that measure, Lexus really blew it with this one. Granted, the donor car was a tallish sedan.. but grafting a low, flat and squarish roof to it completely ruined the shape. It’s even less elegant than the outgoing SC, which was pretty unattractive in its own right.

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