Mercedes CLK production interior

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I guess it looks exactly like the one from the concept shown in Paris this week (Picture a few posts below this one)

So it won’t be so bad….

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  1. I love that we’re all so busy in a tizzy about politics that we just acknowledge that Mercedes-Benz is so over. Speaking of which, y’all better be registered to vote. Deadline’s Oct. 6 in 19 states.

    On-topic, this interior is laughable. Kia and Hyundai produced more interesting things four years ago. I say again, BMW and Audi are retaking the reins of forward-thinking luxury cars with expressive styling.

    Merc is returning to the old days of clumsy cars…not in a good way. Remember the ’08 C-Class commercial with the four guys standing on the four open sedan doors? “Built like a bank vault” and brazen bling may be this brand’s only saving graces into the twenty tens.

    I mean, it’s almost cool…the way Mercedes’ designers are trying to bring back the 80s. All the swishy shapes, curvaceous curves and “flame surfacing” suddenly seem so…nouveau riche? The Infiniti G might clean the CLK’s clock for fifteen grand less, but it’s not the three-pointed star dahling. I’ll keep my Audi, thank you very much.

  2. Maybe the 80’s is coming back in a retro style way like the 60’s did. Only difference is merc hasnt changed since then.

  3. They botched this. The air vents are horrible and the weird line between the instruments and the nave screen was poorly designed. They’d be better off scaling down the S/CL class dash. That thing looks like the iDrive hump.

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