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  1. Not bad looking. It would look better if they removed the Hyundai badge and used the grill from the sedan.

  2. I feel they did a good job with their new line up although to have this car be popular they need to hit the right price point. Then follow up with a exciting compact 4 door like their sister company Kia with the Forte. I look forward to seeing this and many other cars in up coming auto shows. This car makes me think of my 84 Mustang SVO I had with the turbo 4. We will so how things play out.

  3. As would any manufacturer would, Hyundai carefully lit the car to show off details. I wonder if the creases and folds will look that dramatic in natural lighting.

    Not the kind of car I want or need, but it looks nice enough for its market segment. What exactly is its market segment?

  4. This is what the Eclipse should have been. Very nice. Not a big fan of the front grill. If priced bellow $25,000 it will blow everything else away.

  5. The only strange bit is the way the windows drop behind the drivers and passengers doors. I cannot get used to it, it ruins the window lines and just about ruins the car.

  6. I saw it in person at the Texas State Fair in red and it looks quite nice. If the price is right this should do better than the Genesis sedan. I sat in the sedan as well, but still can not wrap my mind around a $40,000 Hyundai. If I am going to drop that kind of cash, I at least want a known luxury car.

  7. This is nice. I’m sure that this is the nicest any of them will ever look. The ones we’ll see will be driven by pimpled-faced dweebs and their pear shaped girlfriends, completely riced with amateurish bodywork and fart can exhaust. It’ll sell to people who can’t afford a G37 and want something prettier than an Altima coupe.

  8. I think it’s a beautiful car. Great lines and lots of good work in the details. I wouldn’t buy it but would love to see it in the streets here in Europe.

  9. They always look nice in pics, but in the real life photos that I’ve seen, something is just lost in the translation. For instnace, the lower front end looks pretty cool here, but screams cheap plastic trim in real life photos.

    I saw this model in person last year at the LA Car Show in a hot orange. It looked really good. Then I saw the production model in photos and it looked more scaled down and “econo.”

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