More pictures of the Honda Insight concept

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Keep in mind this is pretty much what the production version will look like.

I guess the interior dedign could be qualified as “not for everyone”…

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  1. The big surprise or disappointment rather is that after many speculated improved fuel economy of about 60 mpg (+30%) Honda says this:

    “…fuel economy are targeted to be at a similar level to the existing Civic Hybrid”

    The interior is not final. After removing some concept touches it will be pretty close to the Civic Hybrid.

  2. I complain about this a lot, but how does making the rear hatch part of the bumper make any sense? Stupidest idea in modern cars.

  3. Its just tooo much like the Prius.. at least come up with something a little more ground breaking

  4. I think this looks incredible.

    MUCH better than the dorky Prius and I am not the biggest fan of Hondas.

  5. All I have to say is “Yep! It’s another ugly Asian dedicated hybrid model as well as another ugly Honda!”.

  6. I never thought I would see the 2001-2005 Civic coupe tail lights again.

    The hatch going into the bumper is poor taste, but thankfully won’t make it to production.

  7. THe interior is a mix of the civic and new Fit. That’s about as functional and practical as they come.. so i’m pretty sure the interior is perfect for just about anyone.

  8. That dash is freakier than rapper Gucci Mane’s girlfriend. Imagine that making it to production, blue lighting and all.

    Would be nice to see tan oiled leather seats in it.

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