More pictures of the new Huyndai i20

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This is still being considered for the US market. With a 1.6 Liter engine. (the largest available in other markets)

On a similar subject, Ford is now also considering the small (smaller than Fiesta) new Ka for the US market.
No final decision has been made yet, but they are mentioning it as a possibility.

Amazing how fast the US market is turning around. Who would have thought just a couple of years ago that we might get the Ka over here…

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  1. Do we really want to be like the loser Euro runts? Go buy a proper Tahoe.

    Douchebag, is that you?

    Cute car. There’s always room for something smart and practical.

  2. After the huge sucess the smart has been it surprises me they are even thinking about it. Ford continues to move slower than turtle in quicksand.

  3. Just read an article yesterday where it stated a definite no in regards to importing the Hyundai. What a shame….I think it’s nice.

  4. I’m glad to read about the possibility of more small cars being sold in North America. The sooner the better.

  5. “Do we really want to be like the loser Euro runts? Go buy a proper Tahoe.”

    If you’re willing to pay for my gas for the next ten years I’d be more than happy to!

  6. Look, the U.S. Domestic brands are going to shoot off at the mouth about all these eco-friendly cars coming states side because they want that 25Billion loan guarantee from the big wallet in DC. Then they can take that money and use it to build smaller RWD platforms, or buy back their HQ buildings, or build 7 seater Cross overs that require heavy discounting only 2 months after being introduced.

  7. Aside from the Soul, I don’t think that the Cruze or Fiesta are this car’s competitiors. This is smaller, sub-Accent more like the Aveo and Ka.

    But it still is boring.

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