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Pretty much a let down after the stunning new Mazda6 last year.
Especially the Euro Wagon version.

This still looks like an older car. Especially the early 90’s Camry like interior.
Sure, it has the amazing glass roof. But Peugeot and VW have been offering this for years in Europe.
I really don’t see that many European customers jumping into this one. Especially when comparing it to an Insignia or Citroen C5. Or the Mazda6.

It might work here better as a smaller, less bloated and more efficient Camry.

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  1. Yaris, Corolla, Matrix, Camry…is there room between the Corolla and Camry for another in between car? The Godilocks car one could call it. Sorta like what the Altima was when it first came out. Or the Ford Contour and before that the Merury Topaz. For some reason the segment between the smaller compacts and the family sedans just doesn’t seem to sell. I people who went into Nissan to get a Sentra couldn’t afford to step up to the Altima. And people who went in for the Altima were pushed up to the Maxima by sales people. The economy and gas prices might change sales but I can’t imagine this in between market to ever be one.

  2. If Toyota were to bring it here, they would need to drastically restyle the front and rear of this car. The profile doesn’t look too bad, but both ends of this car are hideous. The interior is a bleak disappointment also.

  3. I think this much more sophisticated and classy than the 6. The 6 aims to incorporate two many styling trends for my taste.

  4. Vince i think you made a mistake, VW and Peugeot do not offer a full glass roof on cars equivalent to the Avensis. Peugeot offers it on the smaller 307/308 SW and VW on the Eos but not on the 407 and Passat. As far as i know this is a first for a car of this segment. And Toyota will need all the fancy kit it can get to sell this thing, the interior is pathetic and looks like an old 90s Camry and the exterior styling is typical messy Toyota. Give me a Mondeo, Insignia or C5 anyday

  5. They will probably perform better and handle sharper than a majority of the whale like barge wagons that are made in the US.

  6. I was in Finland last week and very surprised to see so many Toyotas on the road. Especially the wagon Toyota Avensis. You have no idea how conservative Europeans can be. Like us here, they do not like to pay for repairs that often and Toyota has built a reputation on the reliability. So, no matter ho is going to look it will sell.

  7. the avensis sells because its reliable comfortable and good quality my father lives in ireland and has owned six of them where as citroens are notoriously unreliable shoddily built and have very weak resale value here as the avensis has some of the best resale values

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