Next Alfa Romeo 149?

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Maybe, who knows.

These illustrations from Auto Express look great. If the next Italian Focus/Golf competitor could look like that, it would be quite amazing.
And with Alfa coming back to the US (whenever that is), we might even see it over here.
We do need more fuel efficient upscale small cars.

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  1. How about now.

    More often than not, efficient cars meant “cheap” cars. The Mini was one of the first to start changing that. Even GM has started offering their more efficient engines in the higher trim levels of their cars.

  2. We do need more upscale compact cars, but the American public still isn’t ready for this. We can swallow 25K for a compact but this vehicle will be over $30,000 by the time it gets here…

  3. Hmmm… Vince after I like Your Web-Site and therefor try to support You I wonder why this Pics come so late? I posted the Link to You under the Mazda 3 on 16.10. already?

    Anyway I found out that it must be a fake cause at the rear end at the back-side pic You find a “shape” above the door-handle, why on the front-side view you don´t find it…

    …and look at the painted pencil next to the back-tire and front-tire. It unfortunately is just rendering.

  4. Even in this economy and high gas price, we Americans are still looking for bigness in our vehicle consumption. We equate bigness to safety. We equate smallness to cheap. No one will buy a mini vehicle at $30k or $35k and that would be the entrance price for an Alfa. Moreover, Alfa has not established any reliability record in the US recently.

    Yes, the Smart ‘seems’ to do well because (1) it is a niche car and (2) it was not sold in bulk. The same can be said of the Mini.

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