Next Saab 9.5 Mule

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It looks like an Opel Insignia, but wait. Is has the Saab dashboard.
That means it’s a Saab test mule!

The next 9.5 will be based on the same platform as the new Insignia. I just wonder why they already fitted the mule with a Saab interior.
I guess the size of the new Saab must be really close to the Insignia. If the dash fits inside already…

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  1. Are you forgetting that the current 9-3 is nothing but a brand-engineered Vectra (i.e. previous generation Insignia)?

  2. GM should just kill all the brands and stop this stupid platform sharing. Just make one car of each size class, and make it well.

  3. For a second, I was shocked, thinking: Will the next generation of Saab-vehicles be nothing else but badge-engeneered vehicles?

    Are you sure, that this will be the next 9-5 and not the upcomming 9-3, sizewise?!

  4. Uggh.. I fear the worst seeing the dashboard is already in there. But looking on the bright side, a wagon version of this platform might be quite nice!

  5. whats the point of even having the camo if nothing on the exterior is changed. The insignia is yesterdays news. this mule would be less noticable without camo….

  6. I would expect a Saab to have unique sheet metal, even if the internal dimensions were the same as the Insignia. I would also expect a little more aggressive suspension set up. If the driving characteristics and external looks of the car make it too obvious that Saab’s products are derivatives, then the brand will only sink further.

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