Nissan 350Z test drive coming up…

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That’s right.
I am driving a Z for a week.
And will be reporting on it soon.

Go ahead if you have any questions.
So far… Great….

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  1. I’m sure you’ll cover this but has Nissan improved the quality of the materials at all?

    Also, how’s the mileage around town?

    Thanks Vince.

  2. City is about 16mpg.
    I’ve been averaging 21 including a bit of freeway.
    Just freeway is about 27 or even a bit more.

    I am 5’11” and there was just about an inch left under the top.
    So 6’5″ will be a very tight squeeze.

    The interior quality is fine. They did improve it a couple of years ago.

  3. weight? some say aluminum doors etc? double clutch tranny? Trans mounted on rngine or to rear diff?
    Improvements to rear suspension? Does the rear kick out real EZ? big problem for inexperienced front drive taught drivers.
    and finally are the front tires wearing evenly??

  4. these materials that you speak of regarding quality……YES, these are the best interiors in the world, better than a 200,000 Rolls Royce….the best baby, the best!

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