Nissan Nuvu Concept

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Nissan is planning an all Electric car for the next Tokyo Auto Show.
The Nuvu concept might give us an idea of what the new car will look like.

It seats 3 people and is capable or running for about 80 miles on a single charge. Top speed would be around 75mpg.

The production version will be on sale in Japan and the US a year after.

Is this the second coming of the electric car????

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  1. ok Nissan, listen up and listen good. I love the all electric idea that you are leading the world in along with NEC, BUT, don’t make them freakin’ ugly like this or they will NOT sell!

  2. And people thought the toyota with the prius was ugly, hell ill take a prius anyday if what this illustration is of what to come with elctric vehicles in the future.

  3. guess that matchbook ad didn’t lie — Anyone can be a car designer — and Nissault/Rensan will HIRE you 😮

    and if you FAIL the correspondence course;

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