Renault Megane Coupe

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OK, if Nissan doesn’t want to sell us the new Megane as the Sentra, how about the coupe?

It’s even better looking.
As a smaller than Altima coupe….

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  1. how can they justify selling the crappy versa and sentra if they are capable of this? the megane is absolutely gorgeous. isn’t our sentra based on the last version of this? maybe we’ll see this in a few years…

  2. If Renault wants to bring their products here they should just bring them here under their own brand name.

  3. This is nice! If we can’t have the Scirocco, this works. But I’d never consider anything called a “Sentra.”

  4. Renault and nissan would never swap badges with each other on their vehicles. The only exception is the cheap Logan/Dacia which is sold in india.

  5. ….and a large range of commercial vehicles sold under the Nissan badge but identical to the ones sold by Renault

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