R.I.P. Dodge Durango Hybrid

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Chrysler’s Newark plant will be closing early. Which means the Durango and Aspen Hybrid production will end.
Jut when they finally make it into the dealerships.

After all these years talking about it, they kill it a few days after it comes out…

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  1. That is going to make the Aspen and Durango hybrids pretty rare.. I wonder how many they actually managed to build..

  2. WTF! well, i guess poor chrysler just don’t have the money keep Durango and Aspen alive…

    well, atleast they’re still making RAM trucks and Vipers!

  3. Is that money down the drain? Chrysler should r.i.p. too. I only feel sorry for the grunt workers but you know what, they should have known it is coming …

  4. Chrysler does that every now and then. In 2001, then DaimlerChrysler announced the closure of its Paran√° plant in Brazil, where Dodge Dakotas were assembled. A few days later, the company launched the Brazilian-built Dakota Quad Cab.

    Tio Lin

  5. Chrysler is a goner. Too bad. Big Profit Company does not know how to run a car business and had no business trying. Damn shame to let it fail.

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