Saturn Vue Hybrid test drive coming up

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Just wanted to let you know I am currently driving the Hybrid version of the new Vue.
So go ahead, send in any questions you might have.

I will be driving the Altima Hybrid in a few weeks as well. Just to see if all the cars are really worth the premium in every day life.

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  1. Hi,

    I have a few questions Vince:
    1) Is this the two mode hybrid?
    2) How is acceleration?
    3) How is highway cruising speeds?
    4) Do they offer a sunroof? I went to build one online and didn’t see that option.
    5) What is the car’s RPM’s at 120KM’s per hour / 70 MPH?
    6) Is this the 4spd or GM’s CVT or a 6 speed?

    Does GM have any details on the two mode Hybrid coming out(i’m assuming the one you’re driving is the standard GM Hybrid “lite”)? When / will it come w/ a 6 cyl?

  2. I’m wondering about real life fuel economy, as the GM hybrids seem to be the simplest hybrid available in the way it would operate. I wouldn’t think it would make a world of difference and be worth the sticker price. I’m considering a Vue for my next vehicle in a few years, and the Hybrid would be an option if it is worth it. Also wondering about how it drives for handling and any squeaks or creaks.

  3. Very curious here as well. GM claims that they can get as much as 32 mpg on the highway with it. Other reviewers have said they could obly get as high as 24 mpg. If this thing can average in the upper 20’s in the city, it should be a winner…..

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