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If it looks familiar , that’s because it is.
If it doesn’t really look like a Seat , that’s because it’s not.

The “all new” Seat is just a version of the “old” Audi A4. With new front, rear and some other changes.
So they really pulled a cheap one here.

But still. The previous A4 was a pretty nice car (Although I did hate the CVT with the 2.0 Liter..)
So if the Exeo allows you to get an A4 at a Seat price, that could still be a pretty good deal….

But that’s not for us anyway…

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  1. I always liked the A4 convertible interior over the sedan, and this car gets the convertible interior which is good. Does it also come in wagon and convertible variants?

  2. Right about the convertible interior, I hadn’t noticed…
    A wagon is coming up, but I don’t think they’ll have a convertible.

  3. actually, Seat has had those tail lights much longer than the Milan on previous models. More like the Milan ripped them off of Seat.

  4. Oh dear! What is wrong with VW brand management?! Is this supposed to help take SEAT upmarket and become its Alfa-Romeo as they’ve been threatening for a decade or more? Because it doesn’t, it just takes SEAT back to the days when they were badge-engineered previous model FIATs. SEAT has so much potential and VW has been consistently missing the trick.

  5. An Okay Front, but the back is a straight Mercury Milan rip off!

    If only the Milan looked this good overall, Mercury would have a hit on its hands.

  6. ACarDesigner said…
    “Oh dear! What is wrong with VW brand management?!…”

    ‘Oh dear! What ISN’T wrong with VW brand management?!’

  7. Looks good! It’s nice to NOT see the generic Audi face on an Audi-ish product. Audi front ends all look the same. Very Boring. The tail lights on this look as if they are modeled/shaped after the 2009 A4.

  8. Actually it makes sense now given Spain’s rapid descent into recession (rather like America’s). It takes them into a market segment they want representation in without a big investment. I doubt the volumes in Spain would justify the cost of an all-new car, especially now, and this design is already amortized. It doesn’t taint Audi because it isn’t the current A4. It’s market will most likely be fleets and company cars, so it only has to be reliable and proven, not super new high tech, and it likely won’t sell outside Spain whereas the smaller, more modern Seat cars do. Idea starts to show some merit as cost effective investing

  9. This is the same interior that’s in my S4. The only functional difference between the cabrio interior and the sedan is the storage cubby above the hazard button. The round vents look way better. Not sure why Audi bothered making two totally different upper-dash styles.

  10. Not a bad idea using old hand me downs. Big brother Audi hands down the old model to little brother Seat.

  11. Audi A4 + new Ibiza headlights + Altea XL rear lights does not a new car make.

    Having said that, it has turned out to be pretty nice looking, and using the A4 Cabrio’s dash was a masterstroke. This car is designed to compete against the Ford Mondeo and Opel Insignia, using the Cabrio’s dash means it should knock them into second place when it comes to interior finish and quality.

  12. Not a bad idea using old hand me downs

    Especially when the hand-me-downs are so good. I agree, also, with ne1butu about the round vents. They look good. And those seats…they look quite comfy…almost Italian with the square inserts.

    Alas, we’ll never get the chance to own something so nice in the States.

  13. As an Audi fan, I’m a bit saddened to see that my 3-year-old A4 is now being sold as a new Seat. People are arguing that it’s OK because it’s not the NEW A4.. but in reality, the greenhouse and bodysides of the new one aren’t that much different from the old.. so this just looks like a rebadged current Audi. It would have been nice if they had incorporated Seat’s signature bodyside slash into this for differentation.

    Wonder if the next VW Phaeton will be a re-fasciaed Bentley Flying Spur?

  14. “but in reality, the greenhouse and bodysides of the new one aren’t that much different from the old”

    Such has been the case since 1986 with Audi 80/90/A4 models. You could say the latest Audi is devalued because it looks like the Class of 86.

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