Tesla S Sedan

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That’s really the 1st time I see any picture of the upcoming Tesla sedan.

It is supposed to cost around $50 000 and be the size of a BMW 5 series. And coming out for the 2010 model year.
Tesla has been laying off a lot of people lately, so we’ll see what happens to this car.

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  1. I think electric cars are interesting, but right now they are like ethanol. Making ethanol is like making the electricity to run these cars, both dirty processes. Coal is still the number one electricity producer in the USA and it is no way near being clean.

  2. Looks very interesting – and after it is based on high-technology I would not be surprised if this company will lead the rising of the US-car-industry again!

    California Forever!!!

  3. lake constance… when you say “high-technology” are you talking about California’s highest cash crop… marijuana? Yeah, it would be nice if cars emitted nothing buy pot smoke. It would put a new spin on “puff-puff, pass!”

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