Tesla Sedan???

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Sure, it’s just an illustration.
But so far, besides that earlier teaser pic, that’s the only thing I’ve seen about the upcoming electric sedan.
It sure would look like nothing else in the $50 000 sedan market…

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  1. I for one think that this is the best interpretation of the four door sedan yet. The proportions seem just a tad bit too compact, front and rear, expect a little bit more overhang… wait, this car will not have an ICE. It won’t have the same structural constraints. The proportions may be feasible. What I would really like to see is Tesla and Lotus build a strong working relationship. It would be a benefit to both marquees. They have similar philosophies, but distinctly different clientele. Lotus engineers could really allow Tesla to focus on the technology aspects of the batteries, motors, and drive train. I also want to see them work together because I named my daughter Lotus and my son Tesla… hah, just kidding.

  2. If that’s for real, that is awesome. One can only hope.

    By the way, going by the size of the mouth on that thing, how much cooling does an electric car need? That’s large enough to cool a V10. Is it mostly decorative and diverting air to the brakes?

  3. It sure would look like nothing else in the $50 000 sedan market…

    how about LIKE the proposed GT-R sedan (speaking of which, still going through with it? and gonna be an Infiniti? or a Nissan?)

  4. Does an electric car need that large of a front grill? It seems like it would detract from the aerodynamics.

  5. oooh. looks like a 4-door coupe again.

    fast looking… but can it goes fast and still be reasonably frugal for everyday drive?

  6. Even an EV has cooling requirements to allow the batteries and motor to maintain an optimal operating tempt. Mybe that is why the car has a front air inlet. Also, remember that consumers like their cars to look ANGRY!!!

  7. I love the look of this car. The front end is original and at the same time very clean looking. It’s hard to execute both these days.

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