2009 Infiniti G37 Convertible

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So far this looks great.
I’m sure there’s still no trunk left when the top is down, but I would still love to drive one.
(I am scheduled to test drive the G37 Coupe for a week an a few days)

A great looking car with one of the best engines anywhere.
What can anyone ask for…

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  1. Absolutely stunning. We know it drives great, as well. It’s perfect for the exhibitionist who turned down the BMW because it was too conservative.

    I appreciate the large screen, lack of iDrive and sticker-price savings. How much will you bet that these are what the Jersey girls will be getting for Christmas or for graduation?

  2. what more can you ask for????, a car that looks the part of an upscale coupe not like a restyled altima coupe, an interior worthy of its price tag, and somewhere remotely close to its competition, refinement on par with the luxury pretentions its trying to have, and an engine exhaustnote that doesnt sound like something on fast and the furious…..this car to me is just plain confusing it misses the mark on so many levels for me…….and how many cars can nissan give that exact same dash to

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