2010 Ford Mustang

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… Hard to say.
It does look quite nice, but almost in a sort of conservative kind of way.
The quality of the interior does seem much higher.

A more mature Mustang, it seems…

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  1. I got to see this thing in person and sit in it for just a few seconds and it is much better quality than the last one. The interior is OK now and not Fisher-Price cheap.

  2. Fisher Price would be a huge step up! Seriously! Ford used plastics from the 1960s up til recently.

  3. I like it, the interior looks great, much higher quality now. Puts the Challenger to shame. Too bad it’s paired with that pathetic 210 hp V-6 though.

  4. I like it, it’s a nice evolution of the current model but lets hope we still get a whole new Mustang in a couple of years. The real disappointment is the engines but you have to admit most people who buy one of these will be leaving the dealer with the cheaper model. And they are only buying it for the style. I would buy this thing if they could cut at least 500 pounds from its weight and offered a more modern V6 with at least 250hp. I guess only in fairy tales.

  5. Looks like a decent refresh. The interior is quite an improvement. They fixed the door speakers which used to look like bucket lids. Could it be that Ford is “getting it” finally?

  6. I drive an 05 GT.
    And I must say its seriously tempting to trade in with a new one. Very nicely done.

    The pictures themselves appear better in quality than the interior in my car. I’ve had pieces of trim and what not pop off all the time… cant get much worse than that!

  7. it’s not bad. and remember, this is a freshen, not a redesign, so not really fair to compare it to the camaro. it’ll hold its own just fine. and based on recent events…..Ford will be around a lot longer than GM. So the safer bet may be the Ford.

  8. I find it interesting how the front end styling between the coupe and convertible are different this time around. They didn’t feel the need to save money right now…odd, but in a good way I guess. It’s ok if they want the models distinguished like that, but the black caps in the lower bumper of the convertible remind me of the 06/07 Honda Accord.

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