2010 Lincoln MKZ

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I always liked the MKZ. The Fusion being a good car, the Lincoln version always seemed even better. With a much nicer interior.
This revised version incoprorate the great looking front end from the MKS, and it works.
The interior is almost the same as the one found in the larger Lincoln. Which I’ve never been crazy about.
It always seemed a littel flat looking to me.

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  1. FINALLY! For the last three years, this thing was sort of a Buick Regal…the “near-luxury” car that isn’t really special at all, just appeals to your great-aunt or her Mary Kay and Avon ladies. Now, it’s got that big, grinning Lincoln grille! Nevermind it’s still a very expensive way to buy a tarted-up Ford Fusion. I’d actually be seen in one of these, as long as it has satnav and an iPod plug.

    Of course, with the collapse of the auto industry being the new “$5-a-gallon-gas” trope, we may not see many Lincolns in 2009 after all.

  2. I’ve never been fond of this car, but the update makes it much more visually appealing. To me, it’s still a tarted-up Fusion, but it at least looks a bit more upscale now…

  3. With AWD only and coach type doors, this car would have given Lincoln a real boost – 4 years ago!

    2005 – Ford wasted money and time with the original almost plain looking styling and FWD 3.0 V6 which is too close to the Fusion/Milan.

    2006 – Ford wastes more money and time renaming the car from Zephry to MKZ and relaunching the ad campaign

    This new look, coach style reverse opening rear doors, plus the AWD 3.5 V6 powertrain would have made MKZ even more different than the Fusion/Milan; and likely a better seller as well.

    The sad thing is it wouldn’t have cost Lincoln much more money to have these features and styling from the beginning back in 2005!

  4. Finally has the exterior to put Acura/Lexus/Infinity to shame. Unfortunatedly the interior is much uglier than the ’09 version. (But the same is true of Acura/Lexus/Infinity….so mabey its good enough.) Ya win some, ya lose some.

  5. It is a tarted up Fusion. But hey, a Lexus ES is a tarted up Camry. An Audi A3 is a tarted up Golf. So the formula kinda works.

    The biggest complaint I had with the production version of the Zephyr after seeing the concept, was the dowdy rear end. Four years later, they realized their wrong ways.

    Boy, I tell ya, if the automakers just listen to me, everything would be fine!


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