2010 Mercury Milan

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To me, this is a repeat of the same story. I think the Milan does look better. Especially inside. Even though the interior design is the same, the trims and colors used make it look much better.
That cheap looking piece of silver plastic on the Fusion dash looks really bad, at least on pictures.

The Mercury does look more upscale. And the rear end comes together much better than on the Ford.

Let’s hope the Hybrid model will put Mercury back on the map. A good looking car with what seems to be a killer powertrain.
They really need to let people know about this car.

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  1. Did they finally get rid of the green lighting on the dash? Hybrids do not sell at all sans Prius. Why would you think a hybrid would help?

  2. It seems strange that the Mercury Milan and the Ford Fusion are basically the same car with a different front and rear end. Why not sell it under one brand with a low and high scec. It would save alot of desperatly needed cash.

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