2010 Renault Scenic

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Plus the 7 seater “Grand Scenic”
I think…

Not 100% this is totally real. But it pretty much looks like what’s expected.

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  1. That “Grand Scenic” almost looks ready to have a Nissan badge slapped on it for the US market… no?
    The tailghts are doing that weird shark fin thing they got going now….

  2. Yeah, that would be the Grand Scenic in the back, the Espace is bigger than that. They do look very much photoshopped, but realistic. A little conservative though, I wouldn’t be surprised if the real thing was a bit more adventurous.

  3. I have a hunch that it’s actually a rebadged Nissan Livina and Nissan Grand Livina. A Nissan compact car especially made for ASEAN and China.If my hunch is correct, then, both Renault cars will have exactly the same wheelbase length, indicating that the grand version is just an elongated version of the original compact… Just like Nissan Livina and Grand Livina.You guys can check it out here…http://www.nissan-geniss.com.cn/or here…http://nissan.com.my/vehicles/GrandLivina/M_GrandLivina/model_hpage/model_hpage.html

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