2010 revised Camry?

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All I know is that this picture was taken in the US.
the Camry is scheduled to receive a few changes for the next year. Including the new 2.7 Liter engine .
We’ll see in a few months….

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  1. If toyota can style it to more closely resemble the Australain Aurion (spelling?), it’ll look very nice. The curreny “microwaved” designed scheme of pinched creases make the current camry look like a sea-dwelling creature (except for the sport model)

  2. So it’s going to look exactly like australia’s aurion, which in low spec guise looks more dated than the current camry

    very imaginative toyota.

  3. this is just the chinese/australian camry/aurion that’s been around for years already. and toyota is probably gonna come up with some flashy commercial and fool many ppl into buying this “brand new 2010 camry”

    another proof that every single car makers out there even the “domestic” ones consider north america as the world’s recycle bin of automotives

  4. Wow. They did a decent job making it look like a SONATA. My, oh my have the tables turned!

    Have any of you seen those “Why compare car X to a Toyota when you can just buy a Toyota?” ads? They are cleaver, but annoying.

  5. …Looks like the Aussie Toyota “Aurion”…a version of the most recent Camry.

    As an aside, I really liked my 2002
    Camry…One of the best, most trouble free cars I have ever owned.

    If the US gets the “Aurion”, I may well consider it.

  6. Hi Vince-I think this is the Asia market Camry with shorter front and rear overhangs. They also have a chopped version of our Avalon (looks so much better). Both versions seem to have much smaller trunks…maybe they will introduce this version as a “Camry Lite”?

  7. they have to do something, they were bumped OFF the recommended Consumer Reports list and The Altima is #1 now in Consumer reports. Accord second.

  8. Let’s count how many more people say it is the Toyota Aurion from Australia before we put an end to his madness.

  9. To 8:19 PM: Calm down. All these people (which includes me) said it simultaneously, not in succession. Since the comments take a while to appear because they have to be approved, we didn’t know that someone else had said it already.

  10. We have the Aurion here in New Zealand. An aurion is a Camry with a different front and rear end basically. But they look much better than a camry, especially with the sportivo bodykit.

  11. In Asia there are 2 versions of the Camry, the one we are familiar with in North America as well as a copy of the Aurion from Australia. so when I first heard about the refresh, I guessed that it would take on the Aurion’s appearance, which is exactly what’s portrayed in this pic…

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