All new 2010 Lexus RX

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This couldn’t be much worse.
It just looks like an ugly version of the current model. With weird design elements everywhere (what’s with the strange hood cut/opening?).
Sure, it drives better, is quiet and comfortable. But what isn’t at this price?

These guys need to hire some new designers, pronto.

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  1. The front end looks too weird and does not conjure up ‘luxury.’

    And the sweeping center console is too drastic and cheap.

    Maybe it looks better in person ??

  2. It is the most beautiful SUV/crossover ever with refined elements everywhere. This is just a perfectionized version of the current version.

    Very original, innovative, and beautiful.

  3. Ugly, Ugly, Ugly, and I am so sick of the Cadillac style steering wheels with the spoke at 6 o’clock.

  4. The RX looked good in ’98, when the original design came out, but these last 2 generations just look like someone left them in the oven to long.
    I know it is hard to do with your best seller, but times have changed. Time for new and fresh ideas, or it will not remain your beast seller.

  5. Sadly enough we will see these things everywhere when they come out…all because they carry the “L” on the grill.

  6. I wanted to give this a chance. I really did. But there isn’t a single attractive design element about this vehicle. They took something that was already questionable in my eyes and made it much, much worse. Wow.

  7. Yep this is as boring as it gets. Almost retro already after such long wait for the ‘redesign’.

    It does have some resemblence weirdly with the Hyundai Veracruz?
    The front is from the Lexus LS.

    Toyota plays too safe and this must hurt them in the long run. Scion which was supposed to be for young people suffers the same fate.

  8. And just think, there’s going to be some moron out there who will spend, oh I don’t know, $45 large and be proud to own it. I realize they are trying something new but, who approves this crap and says “oh yeah, that looks GREAT!”

    Ah Maybe it’ll look better in person……after somebody hits me on the head with an anvil.

  9. Sadly enough we will see these things everywhere when they come out…all because they carry the “L” on the grill.

    Its no different when people drive a pile of junk mercedes benz just because it has a mercedes emblem on the grille.

  10. everything about it is too japanese, in america we need to go back to those original american looking foreign automobiles. the interior is just awful. Id prefer the current model

  11. I really like Your humor Vince! To make such an ugly, awful photoshop and than say it is the new Lexus.

    Good joke Vince! You are the king!!!

    Ha Ha Ha

    …hey, You are the king of fakes, right? Ooorrr??? Noooooooo this cannot be the REAL thing??? But after watching the new Acuras and Hondas…???

    The german car manufacturers celebrate every single new Japanese model in these days. I can hear it here at the Austrian/Switzerland border ;-)))

    Cause it will increase their market-size even more dramatically!

    Look for the new Skoda Octavia for example – unfortunately You guys in the US don’t get it so far – but who knows, maybe one day You get the car with the best price/value from Czech Republic (owned now by Porsche)too…

  12. I hate the way the hood is cut at the top of the headlights. The gap inbetween them makes it look like poor build quality, rather than an intentional space. The new corolla has this same design element, which makes it look extremely cheap and of low quality in person. Please Toyota, hire new designers, and stop using the same design elements from the Corolla of all cars, on the Lexus brand.

  13. omg MY EYES! get my a fork!

    that dash is hideous. is everyone on the management board at Toyota asleep? who signed of on this monstrosity?

  14. funny

    at first, lexus tried to copy cars like BMW

    then lexus became successful so BMW started to look more like lexus.

    then hyundai tried to copy lexus

    then hyundai became successful.

    so nowdays lexus is starting to look more like hyundai, and hyundai looks more like lexus.

  15. Have you seen a Skoda badge?
    I wouldnt buy a skoda on that alone. Look at a skoda badge and see what you think the thing with wings is.

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