All new Chevrolet Vectra???

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So far, for Chile only…
Basically an Opel Insignia with a Chevy badge.
It still looks great.

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  1. This really pisses me off. This is a great looking car and I would buy this car. But of course, we here in the USA are NOT going to get this car. HF3.6lDI V6, 6 spd manumatic and all wheel drive….I’d be all over it. Dammit!
    Well I guess it is coming over eventually as a Saturn, but, although it will share the basic structure of the Insignia, it’ll have its own look and styling and we all know what that means. Do I have to say it? It means it’ll SUUUCK!!! And that’s if we get it…and that’s if it is’nt delayed like all the other models.

  2. At least we can say their their decisions as of late haven’t been AS bad as Chyslers….I guess.

  3. Your right cubedthex. Chrysler is in biiiiig trouble. I just wish this car would come here as is.

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