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The next generation Focus will be the same model for Europe and the US.
Just like the new Fiesta.

So we will probably get this one about a year after its European introduction, and in time for the sedan version to be ready.
Which could mean a 2011 model.
This illustration from Auto Express shows quite a modern design.

On related news, it seems that some people at Ford are seriously considering selling the tiny new Ka over here as well.
I am not sure how they are planning to make money on it with the much cheaper prices in the US than in Europe.
It would have to be quite a bit cheaper than the already inexpensive Fiesta.

But hey… Why not.

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  1. Looks awesome, like an Audi-zed Ford, but tastefully done. Can’t wait for them to bring it over.

  2. It would be expensive for Ford to build the Ka in Europe and ship it to the US. However it won’t be nearly as expensive to build it in Mexico where the Fiesta is being built.

  3. It’s much better (and much smarter) to have the U.S. and Euro Focus cars alike. I wasn’t a big fan of the of our current U.S. marketed Focus. It looks so cheap. It’s so cheap it reminds me of those times when Ford used to sell rebadged Kias like the Kia Pride (was sold here as the Ford Festiva) and the Kia Avella (Ford Aspire). Just a look of the current U.S. Focus and I wonder why hasn’t anybody put the Sync technology to play the song “Smash It Up” and trash the crap out of the car.

    About time.

  4. Hey WTF is that grille??? Is this seriously the route that Ford Europe is planning to take with their front ends?? Oh shit

  5. What happened to their nice “Kinetic” design direction?! It looks as if they hired Toyota designers! I can’t be the only one that sees the Corolla front end in this. I’m sorry, but this thing looks horrendous in comparision to the sleek and sexy Fiesta!

  6. Corolla? P-L-E-A-S-E! No comparison.
    Now, that is JUST an illustration by AutoBild, and even though that magazine is very reliable with Mercedes/Volkswagen/Audi/BMW chops they are usually way off the mark with Fords so i would not give this much notice.

  7. “I can’t be the only one that sees the Corolla front end in this”

    Yes, you’re the only one. This looks nothing remotely like a Corolla. Get your eyes checked.

  8. I hate these huge cartoon grilles on the front, I can see the shape of the grille without being hit in the face with it!

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