All new Mazda3

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What a great looking compact.
And the timing couldn’t be better.At least for a while, cars like these might become more popular than most mid sized sedans.
Both a 2.0 Liter and the new 2.5 Liter engines are available in the US market.

I guess we’ll see the hatchback version in Detroit…

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  1. This is a nice car. I think somebody said earlier that this was going to have a 5 spd auto. Too bad it wont have the 6 spd auto and d.i. Still very nice though. I’m looking forward to seeing how much bigger it is over the old one.

  2. What a cartoonish little car. I wouldn’t be caught dead in something that looks so childish.

    Wait one year and a new Civic will be out to dominate the class again.

  3. The interior is great. The exterior can be critized for being a bit derivative (the front and rear are new but the rest hasn’t changed much), but still, looks great too. Apparently, this is “childish” and “for kids”; well, I’m 33, but thanks for making me feel young for liking it!

  4. Wow, this realy IS a childish car. They need to tone down that front end…

    I agree with the above posters…

  5. that front end mouth is making a joke of toyota and hondas weak designs. it’s also designed to EAT those cars. which it will do with great ease and aplomb

  6. I think it is a great design. Mazda’s resurgence is what the big 3 U.S. auto companies should take a look at. Remember 12 years ago when most people did not even consider buying a Mazda, and the best seller was just the Miata. The design direction set by the RX-8 has helped to set Mazda apart for the boring designs. How diffrent is it from the current BMW and Benz designs.

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