All new Mercedes E Class coupe

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This car will be replacing the C Class based CLK.
And there are rumors that the coupe (and the upcoming hardtop convertible version) will still be based on the C class, although now they actually call it the E Class coupe.

At almost $50 000, the CLK never really looked the part of a luxury car. The interior is just OK, and the exterior really doesn’t look more expensive than many other much cheaper cars.
Plus, it’s never been as reliable as its Japanese competition.

This new one looks a bit strange. And the blocky interior design doesn’t convey much of a luxury feel either.

At least, it looks like all the windows come down.
Maybe that’s worth $50 000….

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  1. there really is hardly anything special about this car at the price point, in fact even at $10k less, this car lack any selling point. there is absolutely nothing on this car that makes ppl want to buy it, other than the logo.

    and for half the price you get a genesis coupe, i’m not saying it will be better quality, but the genesis will definitely perforems better and have WAY better quality.

  2. Wow. On looks alone this seems more dynamic then the 3 series or A5 coupes. I love that fast greenhouse and wedge profile. PLEASE MB: Make us a car like the old E-Class coupe. Maybe I’m alone here being more hopeful…

  3. Mercedes is like Toyota. It doesn't have to look good or even be good. It's customers are closed-minded creatures of habit. For that, anything with the familar name & loge will do. And it's a good strategy, because those prejudiced sucker-customers will pay more then the analytical "open-minded" thinker. And they'll rationalize the cars flaws when they should be trading it in on a better value. Mercedes is for the rich and ignorant (not stupid; just uninformed & disinterested) and Toyota is for the poor and ignorant. AND BOTH COMPANIES MAKE MONEY! So although I own stock in both, I don't buy their product. And I can put them down every day and those ignorant customers keep buying and I laugh all the way to the bank — in my STS.

  4. “Mercedes is like Toyota. It doesn’t have to look good or even be good. It’s customers are closed-minded creatures of habit. “

    yeah seriously, i can’t help but wonder why ppl even bother to purchase cars like camry and corolla while BETTER and CHEAPER alternatives from nissan/mazda is laggin’ behind in sales. I had a 04 corolla as a loner from the bodyshop for 3 days last week and all I can think about while driving that POS is that I can probably find a chinese knock-off version of the same corolla that drives 5 times better. but that didn’t stop the corolla from being the best selling passenger vehicle in history

  5. “…in my STS”

    Are you one of those fools that bought brand new and watched it plunge 50% in value in 6 months?

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