All new Nissan Cube

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There it is.
These pictures are of the japanese version, but ours should be pretty much the same.
Sure, not nearly as original as.. Well.. The “original” one.
This just looks like a copy of itself. Buit still we never had the previous one over here.

So this is all new for us.

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  1. Looks like the US version will have the rear door hinged on the left so you can open it curbside, unlike some other Japanese compact SUVs (I’m looking at you Honda/Toyota).

  2. Seems they learned from Scion’s mistake with the xB and kill what people liked about the original.

  3. Nissan Rocks, Bullshit walks. This will have a cult following just like everywhere else in the world. Car of the year! Box one up today….get it?

  4. hey ING guy, I know you, and you are right again….I love it! Box one up. I think I will. a real gem of a car, like a bulldog in sunglasses..

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