All new VW GTI

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Well.. As new as the “new” Golf.
Which is a heavily revised version of the previous one.

I think the new front end looks great and as aggressive as can be.
The new Golf has been getting great reviews in the European press. And I just saw it in person a few days ago and can say it does look more upscale than the current one. Except for the rear lights, that are too big and don’t match the rest of the design at all.

Both the Rabbit and GTI will go on sale in the US next fall. I guess that’s also when we’ll see the revised Jetta as well.

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  1. wow vw really outdid themselves here. I guess they are doing what gm and chryco are doing with the challenger and camaro….retro, this baby looks just like my ’82……what? they aren’t doing that on purpose? its just lack of design? poor vw sorry to embarass you. I’ll stick with Kia then.

  2. This looks really good. Love the front end. This thing should be a little monster with the new 2.0 tsfi and the dsg. If the price was right I’d take this over the new Mazda 3. I’m not feeling the same about the new Mazda 3. That huge grill is rapidly becoming an eye sore. The gas mileage for the 2.5 is’nt that great either. But this new GTI is nice.

  3. Hello Doc, you r right, I own a versa and have owned many vw’s in the past. in my humble opinion, nissan builds a much better car than vw!

  4. Wow… the bottom feeders came out in force. Versa, Kia, Hyunda better than VAG??? WTF? What are you guys smoking?

    This GTI will crush the Versa and equivalent Hyundai/Kia for handling superiority and interior quality.

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