Another 2010 Ford Mustang teaser

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And another good looking part of the car.
Remember the Mustang starts at around $21 000.

Looks like Ford will have some potentially popular models next year. With the new Fusion and Mustang. Plus the already popular Focus.

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  1. I thought it was an automatic there but, on closer look, it is actually a manual … but what with the deal with the long shifter surround!? it looks like ford went cheap with a ‘universal’ surround for both gear boxes. BAAAAAD

  2. Not a lot of left and right room to move the shifter from one gear to the other. Also, the leather insert looks to taught to move it front to rear. Also, where’s the 6 speed. Also…..just kidding, I’m done. I like the look of the center stack so far. It does’nt look like the cheap piece of crap like what was on earlier versions.

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