Another 2010 Ford Mustang teaser

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And again, looking really nice.

But for my taste,I still like the new Camaro interior better.

We’ll see in a couple of weeks.

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  1. It is pretty flat looking. But for my taste, the Camaro is a little too flashy and plasticy, and some guages are too low on the console to be useful. I would take the Mustang interior.

  2. I like this MUCH better than the Camero, and would even give it the nod over the Challenger Dash board. Possibily the only Ford car I could say that about.

  3. I like this. Looks minimal and sleek… from this angle anyway. Finally, Ford got rid of that horrible looking audio unit.

  4. This is a much simpler interor than the all over the place Camaro dash. I hope they offer a modern V6 that at least matches the DI unit on the Camaro in power and mpg. My biggest gripes with the current Mustang: truck mirrors, door speaker grilles, and truck 4.0 V6.

  5. This Mustang does have the better interior over the Camaro and the Challenger. Ford finally did a good job on the center stack. I think Ford will have good engines but I don’t think they’ll compete with Chevy’s DI line up. Ford MUST get DI engines up and running as quickly as possible. Other than not having enough cash I don’t understand why it’s taking so long for them to do it. It’s already available on the 2.3l 4cyl (aka mazdaspeed 6). I guess, as usual Ford wants to introduce it on their higher end products (Lincoln MKS and whatever crossovers and suv’s) first, then bring it to the other models over the next 20 years like they’ve done in the past. I say if you have the stuff, use it, don’t hold yourself back because you want to do a fancy intro on higher end models. Does anyone out there remember how long it took Ford to have standard rear disc brakes on the Mustang GT whereas Camaro and other sports cars had them since the 80’s. Of course the Mustang also still has a solid rear axel. I dont mean to pick on Ford or their Mustang. Actually I always like the Mustang. My point is they ALWAYS hve been slow to get the new goodies on their vehicles, whether they had cash or not.

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