Auto show thoughts: Ford Mustang

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I must say I was a bit disappointed.
The exterior does look better than I thought. More different than I thought from the pictures.

But the interior still has plenty of cheap plastic bits, especially on the console and especially the doors.
It’s just like the current model where the top part of the door looks and feel real hard and cheap.

Too bad…

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  1. Will they offer this in RHD?
    I’m just curious because the
    dashboard is really symetrical,
    so It seems like it’d be easier.
    I really hope they do, it’d be
    neat to have the Mustang (RHD)
    in the Uk, Australia, Japan, South Africa, etc…

  2. same old, same old lame ford junk. When you see this , you really hope for them to get what they deserve….bankrupcy

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