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The Soul does look great in person. And still quite a bit larger than the old Scion.
But the interior does look and feel really cheap.
The design of the dash is very nice and pleasant. Much more so than the Scion. But again, it’s mostly cheap and hard plastic.
Same thing with the doors.
It does remind me of the finish we used to find in the cheapest Japanese cars around 1983.

I hope they price this one way below the Scion.

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  1. Hope they will keep the price in line with the low end design and make it affordable. If the price edges close to the Honda Fit then they are just going to collect dust on the dealer lots.

  2. saw both this and cube. I saw what I expected, this is cheap garbage and Nissan Cube is phenomenal in fit / finish and overall quality feel

  3. again kia/hyundai going back to their roots! cheap quality! If it is priced around $11,000 then yeah it’ll sell well. people are used to cheap crap, so that’s what they’ll buy.

    Kind of insulting to the people who don’t have a lot of money in this economy, who have to pay $20,000 just to get a half way decent interior? ha! screw them. Plastic isn’t THAT expensive, ITS PLASTIC!! duh!

    KIA = Korean word for CHEAP

  4. right on buddy! Kia is garbage = cheap = no resale value = low customer satisfaction = hyndai is it’s partner…..just buy the perrenial champion JAPANESE

  5. Vince I’m not sure why you made such slanderous comments about the Soul.

    In comparison to some products that I have seen first hand from Japan, such as the Nissan Sentra, Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, the hard plastics that you referred to are also found in those cars but by no means ends just with those models.

    Fact is, the so-called “quality” you flared about is on par with competitors.

    The 1983 dig was adding the literal insult to injury. Why is that you failed to mention that other auto manufacturers (Japanese) have also been putting these hard plastics in their cars?

    You haven’t driven this car yet but already the quality is suspect?

    Geeez, what happened to the “real” Vince Burlapp?

  6. Cheap hard plastic in a economy car? Who would have thunk it? LOL
    How is hard plastic in a Japanese car any different then in any other car? Oh right, it’s a KIA. I should feel better paying thosands more for hard plastic in a Honda because it’s Japanese. LOL
    Vince 1983? Come on. I drove cars from that time and todays cars are wayyyyy better interior wise. Cheap cars today would be considered at least mid level cars back then.

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