Auto show thoughts: Lexus RX

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I thought this looked bad in pictures, until I saw the real thing.
it looks much worse in person. The front end just looks plain weird.
And there is so much chrome everywhere.
Luxury in a vulgar looking way.

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  1. It looks like a half used bar of soap but will still be a hit with women which is their target market.

  2. cocky toyota dresses up a highlander in chinese garb and tackies it up beyong recognition. they expect us as sheep to line up and pay for this?????? wake them up people, boycott this chinese looking toyota.

  3. i guess they are trying ot battle the chinese knock-offs by making their own original design looks more like the knock-off version, so the ppl trying ot copy it have no where to go.

    srsly, the front looks like a giant corolla, and that’s nto a good thing.

  4. I’m a man and I acknowledge that a majority of Lexus RX vehicles sold in a certain part of the world are probably bought or leased for women by men. That’s not sexist, it’s a statistic. A majority of those cars are probably intended for carrying children. This thing’s also Japanese…the J-factor, or so it is called, is a bigger part of designing the new Lexus (and Toyota) cars. You see it in the more ‘animated’ forms the sheetmetal is stamped into, almost like cartoon characters frozen.

    This car is apparently not an angry-looking macho road-warrior for proving to your friends how big your package is. This might be a car for proving to your friends how big your significant other’s wallet is…or how much you like to be pampered and want to be taken care of. That might have been sexist…depending on how you read it.

    They’ll sell a boatload of these, especially the new RX450h feel-good mobile with plenty of smug emissions and red carpet cachet.

    But if someone really wants to carry children well, they will do it in a Volvo XC90 or an Audi Q7.

  5. Or a Honda or toyota minivan. Um….this is really fugly. It use to be rather simple and utilitarian in a different kind of way. Now it is just butt ugly, like it needs a water pill or something to get all the swell to go away.

  6. Note to Lexus (and Toyota) designers: Don’t try being something you’re not — like Creative. Stick to copying others (Mercedes, then BMW on Lexus LS; Dodge 1500 on Tundra; etc. ) You’re the king of knock-offs. Be proud of it. You make good money being the copycat king.

  7. Well its not Toyota that is begging with their tails between their legs for a government bailout. They are obviously doing something right.

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