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I liked it from the pictures and I wasn’t disappointed when I actually sat in it.
A very nice and upscale looking small car. The interior is great, with lots of soft plastics everywhere.

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  1. It’s good to hear the quality is good. This car, for the most part is styled nicely…..except for the grill. I do appreciate Mazda trying something new and different though. I don’t have a beef with the shape of the grill, just the size. I think if it was about at least 20% smaller then it would look better. Also the gas mileage needs to be addressed. D.I. and 6 speeds all around would help. Lighter weight too. Although that’s easier said then done these days with options and safety equipment.

  2. best car in the category, old one already held that distinction, now this one improves in every area. A no brainer #1 car from Mazda. Good to hear they are buying shares back from garbage/bankrupt headed Ford.

  3. anyone care to mention it DOES NOT have a coolant gauge on the instrument panel?!! This cost-cutting is getting ridiculous, what’s next? no fuel gauge?

  4. Does anyone know if the 2.0l and 2.5l 4cylinder engines have variable valve timing? If Tey’re not equipped with it then that may be another reason for the poor gas mileage.

  5. As a current 2006 Mazda3 owner, I was so disappointed seeing the new Mazda3 at the recent LA Auto Show. The grill is too big with way too many cheap looking plastic textures, in fact I think there are at least 5 different plastics on the front alone. The other styling bits were too heavy-handed as well. The overall effect was a midget wearing too much jewelry. The interior was strange too, with the big sweep and tiny navigation display. Overall, this did not look or feel Mazda-like at all

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