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I haven’t seen this particular shot yet.
I guess GM is releasing a few things to make sure people know the Volt is still on schedule.
The latest casualty is the Camaro Convertible. It is now officially delayed by at least 6 months.
That is just too bad, I can’t wait to se it.
Some of the European press even think the car might by just plain canceled.
I hope not, and I don’t think so. It seems a bit too late to fully cancel it.

Let’s hope it just comes late…

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  1. Not that it matters. Even if GM doesn’t implode, a $40K+ price tag is a bit crazy. No one will take this car more seriously than any other car GM has on the road. So long GM!

  2. Who cares. The American auto manufacturers put themselves in THIS mess.

    They risked the lives and employment of MILLIONS. We should be getting paid, not the other way around, where as we pay THEM to stay alive.

  3. Volt? We’ll be lucky to see the camaro hardtop coupe. GM is about a month and a half away from running out of cash……bankruptcy or a Govt Bailout.

  4. Bring out the Camaro convertible now and shelve the Volt. Gas price is $1.59 where I am. Maybe the SUVs will save GM afterall. lol.

  5. It will be great to see the UAW parasites begging for jobs at Burger King instead of using political violence and threats against an employer.

  6. the problem with GM is that they're in deep financial trouble. Almost all of their factories have been shut down, R&D funds are slashed, pension troubles continue to eat away at the company and stock prices have hit a 60 year low. Many believe GM is not going to survive even with federal backing because it's a badly run company and has been for a long time.

  7. I wasnt expecting much from GM, but I do like this interior a lot. Will it ever come into being? Who knows. I can say, the reason they’re near-bankrupt has less to do with investment in the Volt (which is a novel idea as far as hybrids are concerned), and more to do with what I found when I sat in a 2009 redesigned Pontiac Vibe last month. The interior was so cheap compared to other cars in its segment, I just had to get out of it… and didnt go back. And, I dont have BMW tastes, for wood and leather either. If they had put this kind of effort into that car and some of their other ones, they’d be selling more cars across the model ranges and would not in their current situation. I think far more people buy based upon what they see with their eyes, than with their wallet. A thousand dollar difference between a couple models doesnt affect their choice much when they see something they want. Heck, they’ll add that much on in options just to personalize it. GM is going down because they live in a bubble in Detroit, and have no concept of what the publics expectations are. Case in point: request for the public to give them billions. I say, let em sink. Honda builds a higher % of their stuff in the US than GM. American car from Mexico and Canada anyone? It’ll only cost you 25 billion. No tears at their passing here.

  8. Agree. I say let all GM, Chrysler and Ford die. It is called economic darwinism. I don’t remember we bailing out Woolworth, PanAm and People Express. They died and we survive. The same goes with this sad auto industry. Yes, there will be laid-off but these people will find other jobs and probably prosper.

    Putting in money just prolongs the inevitable. I don’t want to pay $300, $400 or even $600 a month for a ‘car’ I didn’t buy or want. Did I see check from them when the SUV market was sizzling?!

  9. Dear bloggers, pray really hard that GM survives, otherwise your jobs will be at risk too. Now, getting back to the car, this interior is very nice. Will I buy this car? No. The reason is GM’s poor reliability record. That is where the bozo managers of the auto manufacturers have missed it completely for 40 years and counting.

  10. It’s sad that GM, Ford and the unions have driven their businesses into the ground so badly that even great products might not be enough to help. The Volt will be revolutionary if it ever sees the light of day. If in the future, the only choice I have is to drive a Toyota or Honda, I’ll pull my Cannondale out of the basement and bike to work.

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