Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

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I guess there is still a small market for big giant power hungry pick up trucks. Somewhere.
For whoever can get approved for credit…

But I must say, I like the front end design. A new take on the big “Ford name” pick up trucks used to have printed on the rear gate.
Now it’s in front. And almost looking futuristic.

On an otherwise really conservative truck design.

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  1. I’m not truck guy… but that is pretty damn nice…

    and I do really like that big FORD across the grille as well.

    nice nice

  2. The decals on the back make the whole thing look very dated. I dunno, the whole thing just looks very pieced-together.

  3. Somehow I keep hearing that trucks like the F-150 are still in demand even in these times of crisis.

    On the other hand… nice truck. I too am impressed of what they did with the Ford name on the front. Very futuristic.

    The “Raptor” name sounds about right for a truck looking like this.

  4. john m said…
    Does anyone know anything about the 6.2l that was supposed to go in this thing?

    It is coming later…

  5. Yup. All it needs now is some rust, a giant push bar and panel on the front and a hole in the exhaust system and I think we’d have the makings for a new show. Vince can even star in it.

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