Ford Ranger Max Concept

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From the Thailand auto show.
I think that finally replacing the Ranger in the US with a small, fuel efficient modern looking pick up truck would be a great idea.
Many people still need or want a pick up.
They just don’t need something as big as an F150. And most won’t deal with a 10/12 MPG life style…

I say put the Fusion Hybrid powertrain in this and send it over.

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  1. but dont trucks need to tow and haul stuff Vince?
    Just what can you expect to tow and what not with the Fusions hybrid powertrain??

  2. It is a great looking truck, but I don’t think any of the big three are going to build a true small pickup in the US. The only way we’re going to see this is if Congress gets rid of the Chicken tax.

  3. I like this truck a lot. I'd like to see it with a direct injection 4 cylinder with a turbo and a 6 speed. With a 2.0l you could get 250 hp&torque easy and maybe get 17/26 mpg on a good day if it was light enough. Of course we'll see what it ends up looking like when the production version comes out, but I'm willing to guess that the cab, basic parts of the bed, rims, headlights and upper grill make it to production. Good job Ford.

    I gotta say I like the design changes Ford has been making lately and I hope they make it through this financial clusterf@%& ok. I hope they all make it. I just hope they all learn something if they do make it.

  4. Looks pretty Good AND Original.

    Which means it’ll never see the light of day here.

    What about the new F-100?

  5. The Fusion Hybrid powertrain would need to be switched from FWD to RWD. That would not be cheap to do.

  6. Vince, where do you get this 10/12 MPG stuff? That type of F150 mileage has been gone for over 25 years.

    My 02 F150 with a 5.4 liter gets over 20 mpg average (about 70% highway) and does so consistently. It also hauls crap and is useful. Plenty of sporty car barely get better mileage.

    And by the way Vince, do you really think the Fusion hybrid powertrain is ready for truck duty? Gimme a break.

    And yes, I think Ford should get this thing US-code legal and sell it here. This country needs a true smasller pick-up. The Tacoma is almost as big as my 02 full-size. I’d dump my full-size for an efficient modern attractive small pick-up in a heartbeart. You reading this, Ford?

  7. Vince, since you’re talking hybrid,
    how about sticking a small bed on the back of the Escape-Hybrid?
    …practically no re-engineering and no waiting for a new platform!
    since it’d be a “lifestyle” trucklet, maybe it’d be better based on the Mercury Mariner-Hybrid

  8. I have to agree with Vince, most people who buy trucks don’t use it for heavy duty use, dirty but not heavy. A small hybrid truck would be a great idea, although I not really into this particular style.

  9. Ford was talking about a F-100 but they were saying that the cost to produce and fuel mileage would be similar to the F-150 that it would not sell…People would opt for the bigger F-150.

  10. As a slightly proud owner of a 2000 Ranger, I must say that when I saw the Thai version from a a few years ago, I was quite jealous. The four-cylinder turbodiesel makes 240 lb-ft of torque, and the thing gets low 20’s in the city, near 30’s on the highway.
    Ford, get me that motor in a small truck and I might actually remain a customer. Otherwise, when the Ranger dies, I’m going to Toyota and not looking back.

  11. perfection granted as long as it rides like a nissan frontier and has the interior finish of its big brother.

  12. I live in Texas and do not see the majority of trucks in the city being used as trucks. I usually see one person in them and when you look in the bed of most of them when they are parked, they have probably only been used to pick up a new plasma TV or similar items every once in awhile.

    I have relatives here in Texas who do use their trucks for hauling hay, ranch equipment, etc.. and for towing trailers on a daily basis. So yes, some trucks are useful everyday but there sure are a heck of a lot of them as well as big heavy SUV’s that people could just easily replace with a much more efficient vehicle.

    Rent or borrow a truck for the two times a year that you need to haul something.

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