In the Burlapp garage….

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I’ll tell you what I think of these within the next few days.
But remember. It’s just what I think. Not what is.

No matter what I say, it still is just a matter of opinion. And taste.

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  1. You will love the MX-5 Too bad you are not driving the convertible hardtop…. its a hoot ! Best of luck with the MX-5 and drive it hard on the open roads… you will be glad you did !

  2. Nissan Ch Ch great asheeta, I luv the whole lineup, Nissan makes the best cars in the world period

  3. The MX5 is better as a ragtop. Actually, it’s beautiful. The hardtop convertible looks like a flying saucer. Or a tophat. I agree that the Z doesn’t look good as a convertible at all. The Altima is invisible.

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