Korean Chevy Cruze already out.

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Yes, Korea. As the Daewoo Lacetti, with its own grille.
It has been delayed for the US. because GM is trying to save short term expenses by delaying almost all their new models, except the Camaro and Volt.
Plus, the old Cobalt is selling more than ever.

GM delaying new and better models is a big mistake. The same mistake US car makers have been making for years. Save cash right away and don’t even think about what’s coming up next.
That was the same thinking behind saving a couple of bucks per cars to fix the Pinto’s gas tanks.

Their dealers need new and exiting cars.
I haven’t heard about Honda delaying the next Civic.

And now they’re asking for tax payers money to buy Chrysler? (Nissan stopped talking to Chrysler this week)

This feels more and more like the Bizarro world…

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  1. Nice looking car and it doesn’t look like anything that Chevrolet would offer in this class. This will be a good move forward as long as they can bring it in at a good price that will attract people looking for a nice car and those looking for economy.

  2. You just said it yourself. If the current Cobalt is selling more than ever, why not keep selling it for a while? They might as squeeze as much money out of that car as possible if it saves them some money when they’re running the risk of falling apart.

  3. Since the Cruze will cost more than the Colbalt why not bring the Cruze out along side the Colbalt. Sell them both for a while ..

  4. I do like the new Cruze (minus the c pillar), but although I would like to see new vehicles on the road, I do agree with anonymous 11/3/08 7:43p.

  5. BIG mistake. The Cruze should be selling now, alongside the Cobalt (making it coupe only would help it and the 4-door cruze).

  6. uh, the Cobalt is selling more than ever?

    Its down 60% in October (selling only 6500 units), and only even year over year. It’s only even because GM ramped up Fleet deliveries in August and September to boost its badly sagging numbers.

  7. the problem is that their profitable models are already more than competitive with the imports. introducing such cars are not going to change american buyers who only buy imports no matter what. and there are a lot of american buyers who will only buy imports no matter what.

  8. It’s a nice car and it will be here soon enough. While I understand that a particular platform in different regions of the world are on different production cycles, there no reason that this shouldn’t be here by next Fall. Any longer than that is too long.

  9. I am still trying to understand how it saves development expenses to not offer that is already developed and in production and that was designed at the outset for your primary market. Bizarro world indeed.

  10. It's time for "the big three" to face reality. You can't run forever on empty. Get the new models to market as soon as you have them — not 3 years later. Solve cash problems the way Honda, Toyota, Kia do: Move the headquarters out of the US so all your profits aren't divided between 50% corporate US income tax and Law Suit aversion. Cut production costs by making all the labor-intensive parts with foreign labor (no pensions or health care & much lower wages). Do only the FINAL assembly in the US (and don't give the US workers one dime more in wages or benefits than Honda's or Toyota's US final assembly plants. Stop ignoring ther realities of being a US company and "get out of Dodge" before you're the only one left. American Oil (Standard Oil/AMOCO) sold out to BP (British Petrolium) and it saved their existance. GM, FORD, and CHRYSLER need to do the same: Step 1) To save as many jobs as possible; eliminate the union. Product isn't the problem. Structure is. The world has changed since 1960 and the "Big 3" need to face reality" get out of the US and save yourlesves!!!

  11. “There is too much American greed.
    Well, there is your big American dream.”

    What an unintelligent and cryptic statement that was. Thank you for that.

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