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This is great.
Neil Young turned an old Lincoln convertible into an electric car.
What a cool way to enjoy a classic!

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  1. See, now that’s creative! if only FoMoCo, Chrysler or GM are as innovative as Neil Young. They should consider hiring him…

  2. Wow, I just have to ask. Who was the shmuck in the back seat that could not separate his head from his cell phone? I hope that he was N.Y.’s agent and was hooking up with some more gigs. I love his music and would not be so disrespectful by jabbering away on a cell phone the whole time I was in the car with him.

  3. my my, hey hey
    old Lincolns are here to stay
    it’s better to burn gas
    than drive a mile a day
    my my, hey hey

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