More pictures of the 2010 Nissan Cube

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But beware. All these are photo of the japanese version.

We get bucket seats and a console instead of the bench. A more boring wheel design.
And no sunroof for us either…

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  1. Burrat,

    Did you go to the car show?

    I think the US Spec is still being planned out as far as
    options and choices. There is still a strong possibility that the roof will come here with possible awd.

  2. I just finished about 8 months in a Nissan Versa 6 speed – the Cube is based on the Versa platform and in America will use the same engine and transmission. The Versa was nice in some ways – less NVH than the Fit I was using to share my commuting run – but both my replacement cars, a Cobalt and Focus, have a lot better NVH than the Versa.

    So I sure hope they pay attention to engine noise and suspension damping in the Cube. I like the packaging in the “small boxes” but don’t think anything as good as the xB has come out since the original xB (including the bloated second gen xB).

  3. The back is FUGLY. They need to redesign the back with a symetrical rear window and reposition the tailights to run vertical down the sides and lower the hatch opening

  4. Have you noticed now that gas is $1.48, we don’t see as many commercials advertising fuel-economy, MPGs or “green” cars? This tinier-than-expected piece of melted J-Pop had its supposedly great MPGs going for it. Now, fuel efficiency is the new “great personality”. I thought Japanese domestic-market kid-cars were supposed to be happy! This car’s front end is frowning. It’s smaller than the Scion xB, its butt is droopy and it’s got a massive blind spot! The high school girls who used to get PT Cruisers, Mercury Cougars and Ford Foci (sic) might heart the Cube, but this one’s going to be a hard sell to the core compact-fivedoor market.

    I predict a serious facelift for the 2011 model year, and if gas prices aren’t $3-$4 by then (once the economy is jump-started or OPEC pulls the plug…) it’s dead.

  5. gorgeous little cube, lovely little cube, good little cube, my good reliable friend the cube, cube, a friend you can count on. get used to it, this little beauty will be loved by many!

  6. The LHD and RHD versions have the curved window on the opposite sides, so less blind spot. I think it’s cool, and want to try it out.

  7. I doubt it’s because of the blind spot. Infact, I’m sure and unlike Toyota, they probably did this so the rear door is hinged on the left leaving room to load stuff in from the side walk.

    You know, carrying cargo around between parked cars to load stuff in from the roadside (left) would suck. (*cough* cough* RAV4)

  8. I love this cube, confident strong personalities can understand it fully. It’s for people who know who and what they are in this world, confident forward striders that don’t need to hide behind the wheel of an emblem car like a bmw. Nissan rocks. keep supplyin’ we’ll keep buyin’

  9. great work nissan, getting one of the first ones up here in Canada in the spring I hope, Love this little cute cube of a bug!

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