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Using the Versa’s 1.8 Liter engine, with either a CVT or a 6 speed manual.

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  1. Bravo to Nissan for repositioning the rear door to swing into traffic at the curb. It not like the door could swing more than 90 degrees. Good job! It is the little thing that make the car so special.

  2. Very neat. I bet it’ll be super-practical. I kinda liked the look of the older ones better, though. And the interior is probably awash in cheap, hard plastics, but that’s what I’d expect anyway.

    But it will be a chick car, like the Mitsu Eclipse.

    For the hipster, as opposed to the cheerleader.

    Well, if mommy and daddy can afford a new car loan…

  3. It looks like somebody stuck a 1st-gen Scion Xb in the microwave and it melted.

    I wonder how they will market this to my generation…

  4. Gee. Back into anything and you’ve f*cked up the rear hatch, the bumper, and the tail lamps all in one fail swoop.

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