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And it still looks amazing to me.
Again, I really like the current model, always have. But this one seems really great.

I am currently test driving a 350Z Roadster for the week, and it is one of my favorite cars already.
I can’t imagine how good the new one will be.

Let’s hope they’ll keep the prices low. And offer more interior color choices. And maybe, just maybe, some kind of a sunroof on the coupe…

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  1. This thing is ugly! It’s like the big nosed ugly chick that tries way too hard to impress the cool kids in the high school parking lot.

  2. Whats interesting about this car is that it will be appearing on a videogame (Need For Speed: Undercover) which will be released a day before Nissan reveals it to the press at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show.

  3. Seems odd how Acura produced the Klingon RL and now you have Nissan using the Star Trek Enterprise emblem as a template for their headlights.

    And then you have Toyota behaving like Ferengi hocking any piece of crap possible to make another buck.

  4. It looks great. The interior looks nice too. That rear side window looks almost too small though. There’s going to be an enormous blind spot there. Perhaps the whole back half of the car will be one gigantic blind spot. Kinda like the old ’71 Mustangs. It does look great though. Better than the current one I think.

  5. Wow, it looks just right. An appropiate evolution of the previous design (which was quite good in my opinion), making it a bit more aggresive. Well done.

  6. The plastic b pillar is twice the size of the opening of the side window, whick looks like an afterthought and extremely unusable, kinda odd and tacky ! I guess the car will only look ok with deep tint windows…

  7. The 928 lives!!!!

    Seriously, I like it. The fact that it’s lighter than the 370Z is a big bonus.

  8. that back end shape reminds me of the 928 or 924 porsche of the 80s the one that was in the movie “risky business”.

  9. looks like a citroen c4 from behind

    i am upset that the current model has so much potential cargo space, but is hampered by that honkin struct brace. is it really necessary? does the plastic covering on it have to be so cheesy and oversized?

  10. Incredibly ugly cartoon car.

    I absolutely despise Nissans current design theme.

    I second this posters comment. It is not proportional.

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